Penelope’s 1st Birthday

A few weeks we took a road trip to our favorite city outside of the greater Los Angeles area.  Yes, I’m talking about a little place called Chino, CA.  We had some very good friends, and frequent guests on this blog, out there celebrating their 3rd baby’s birthday!!!  Jane of Jane Events did an unbelievable job with all of the details/set up.  Birthdays have come a LONG ways since we were kids right?  Happy Birthday Penny and can’t wait to see you grow up to be friends with our #3!!  See you on our next road trip!!


Taken in the same spot (and same order) 4 years ago!

Mei + Andrew Wedding | Center Club | Costa Mesa

Esther + Ray | Pasadena Engagement Session

I met Esther at one of my previous client’s bridal shower and it turns out we go to the same church!  I had no idea!  These two have been together for almost a decade and I’m humbled that they asked me to shoot their wedding day.  For their engagement session, they did some research and found a cool little spot in Pasadena called Float.  Basically you pick any flavor soda or root beer and customize a float.  Definitely need to go back and try it.  Afterwards we went to Pasadena City Hall and ended our session on the “Colorado Bridge”.  I’ve shot on this bridge a few times now so I wanted to explore new areas and to my surprise the other side of the bridge provided quite a different perspective.  Great for me, but not so much for Ray (who has a slight fear of heights).  I think it was well worth it!  Enjoy the images below!